Protect your septic system from potential damage. Don’t plant anything but grass near your septic system—roots from shrubs and trees can cause damage— and don’t allow anyone to drive or operate heavy machinery over any part of the system. Also, don’t build anything over the drainfield. Grass is the most appropriate cover for the drainfield. 

Some freshwater purification systems, including water softeners, needlessly pump hundreds of gallons of water into the septic system all at once. This can agitate the solids and allow excess to flow into the drainfield. Consult a plumbing professional about a‚Äčlter‚Äčnative routing for such freshwater treatment systems. Water softeners remove hardness by using a salt to initiate an ion exchange. The backwash to regenerate the softener flushes pounds of this used salt into the septic system. There is some concern that these excess salts can affect the digestion in the septic tank or reduce the permeability in the soil dispersal system.