Congratulations on having your offer accepted!  We typically have a 10 day window after mutual acceptance to complete our due diligence on the inspection of your new home. It is an important time to think about a few items.

1.  How is the neighborhood during different times of the day and night?  During this 10 day period I encourage you to visit your new neighborhood and maybe take a walk around the block.  Things appear differently when you are walking down the sidewalks versus when you are driving your car down the road.  

2.  Take a moment to look into the crime report that is typically available on all County run websites.  This will enable you a chance to see what types of crimes are reported around your new neighborhood and it even will tell you the frequency of the crimes./

3.  Investigate your sewer line connections at this time.  Think about how old the neighborhood is - are your sewer lines to the street clay?  If so you will definitely want to consider having your sewer line scoped by a local plumbing company to insure tree roots haven't compromised the line.  

4.  What type of maintenance issues are the BIG TICKET items that you'll need to plan for?

5.  What type of subfloor is in the house?  Do you have hardwood floors under carpet or just a subfloor?

6.  How is your crawl space looking?  Is there standing water?  Is there staining along the foundation wall?

7.  Walk around your property corners and see if it's possible to meet the neighbors.  It's so much easier to establish a relationship with your neighbor before you move in.

8.  If you have children, this would be a great time to contact the school district to see where the bus will be picking up and dropping off.

9.  Make note of the tv cable connection to the house and look into what cable provider the seller is using right now.

10.  If the seller has beautiful wood floors look into the types of cleaner the seller is currently using - that product will be a great purchase before you move it because we all know you'll want to clean the house yourself as soon as you own it.

11.  Make note of the windows and if they look professionally cleaned then let's find out who has been doing the property and the amount that the seller is being charged.

There are likely a few dozen more items to look into but I sure hope that this was a good start to get you thinking in the right direction.  As always I am here for you and happy to answer any questions that you have - even if you think they are silly!