People keep asking how is the market....the best way to answer is to show you the numbers.

The graph above is sales from Anacortes (98221) Real Estate MLS data.  The time frame is the last 2 years to give you perspective.  

Sales in 2017 showed a spike in June, July and August and then trended down.

Sales in 2018 showed a larger spike in June and then slowed in July.  Our sales are STRONGER in 2018 then they were in 2017.

The chart above shows average Sales price versus List price.  In the early 2018 months, prices were surging above historic levels in Anacortes.  Houses that had gone for 425,000 in the past were now flying off the market with multiple offers at 500,000.  This had us a little concerned for home buyers but home sellers were thrilled!

You can see from the chart above that the market decided what the values should be an have remained constant over the last 2 years.  The green line above shows the list price vs. sold prices.  

Of note on the above chart, see the decrease in the summer months of 2018?  This is the amount of days that a home was on the market in Anacortes.  We had a serious decrease in inventory during that time so anything that listed quickly went pending.  For some reason in Fall of 2018 sellers delayed placing their homes on the market.  

When I post the numbers from July 2018, I know that we'll see a rise in the inventory levels and a slight increase in the average days on market.  

If you have specific questions about your house statistics, please get in touch so that I can send you a customized report.