The trick to making the most out of your visit is to plan ahead. 


There are a number of free activities to enjoy, including great hiking spots, beautiful parks and more. There are also many festivals in the area that you can plan your trip around. This month you are fortunate enough to see the daffodils in bloom all around the fields in La Conner.  The best day trip is to take the Conway exit off of I5 and head west.  The Snow Geese are in the fields and it is quite a site to see them take flight.  Don't miss the Snow Goose fruit and Ice Cream stand just by Skagit River - they are known far and wide for their modest (not) ice cream cones. 

 You could do it as a day trip, and pack a picnic, and keep your options open. or you could also make it a weekend trip, and maybe find a local campground either at the Rosario State Park or Washington Park in Anacortes. Just around Easter the Tulip Festival of La Conner begins.  The photo above gives you a small example of the fields and fields of color that the tulip farmers gift us every year.  Tulip Town or Roozengarden are my favorites to see various tulip bulbs that are sold around the world.  These two businesses are known for their generous contributions to local charities!

If you need other ideas, don't hesitate to drop me a call or email and I'll send you more of my favorite things to do and places to eat!  360-708-9967